Our team of interior designers, from the design phase right through to completion, focus on the client’s individual needs. Using an Integrated Design Process, our design team at Euroline Homes all work together throughout the process to emphasize the importance of appeal and functionality of your dream design concept. As Europeans, our team travels annually to multiple locations in Europe for research and development purposes. We share these interior design and furnishing concepts with our clients to enlighten them of new trends and upcoming furnishing collections.
As design and building go hand in hand, the mentioned home styles in custom home development are also applicable to design: contemporary, modern, transitional, traditional, industrial, country, mid-century modern, Mediterranean, coastal, and anything else that you desire.


We offer construction management and general contracting services to help manage all of the aspects of your construction, which includes planning, design, budgeting, reviewing quotes, scheduling, coordinating payment schedules, and selecting project trades to complete the scope of work. We work with you from the building permit application process right through to occupancy, giving you a stress-free experience.


Thinking of building a high performance home? Considering the environment? As we aspire to have the highest standards in quality, we currently build our homes above the current building code. Although we won’t push building green, we will gladly assist you in building your dream high performance home if that is what you prefer.


Renovation is a great way to redefine your home in a way that fits you. Whether you have an idea of what you want in your home or want some assistance in figuring it out, our design and construction team are here to work with you to make your dream renovation come true. We are passionate and take pride in giving our clients great excitement and joy in their redefined homes.

Renovations can be done in one of three different ways:

This is a simple yet effective makeover which typically is an aesthetic refreshment by changing the finishing and/or cosmetic materials.
This is a more comprehensive approach in which we swap out and replace most or all of the materials; however, we maintain the plumbing and electrical in their original locations.
This is where dreams grow bigger and we design and craft a complete makeover. We make major changes to room arrangements, and we relocate the existing plumbing and electrical locations. As well, we can make additions of plumbing, electrical, HVAC, low voltage, vacuum, Wifi, audio, video, security, theatre room specifics (if applicable) and home automation (if applicable). The possibilities are endless!


Lot sourcing and consultation can be packaged together with construction management and interior and landscape design to give you the ultimate Euroline experience. Consultation includes our service in assisting you to find the right lot that will give the space necessary to build your dream home. Our builders with boundless knowledge and decades-long background in the real estate industry can help you find the ideal lot and location.


We build multi-unit residential buildings as well as townhouse developments in the lower mainland. We can assist you in completing your project from the start, partner up together to invest in and work together on a future project, and/or manage the construction process of your multi-unit residential building or townhouse developments. Reach out to us for more information on how we can collaborate.